Sailing and Boating on Lake Neuchatel


Lake Neuchatel has a very active sailing life with numerous clubs and the exciting Bol d’Or du Lac Neuchatel regatta.

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About the lake

Lake Neuchatel is the largest Swiss lake with a surface of 218.3 km2 . Lake Neuchatel is 38 kilometer long and around 8.2 kilometer wide. It lies in the canton of Neuchatel, but a small part of it belongs to the canton of Vaud and Fribourg.

Sailing  weather and regattas on Lake Neuchatel

Lake Neuchatel has four type of wind. The main wind of the lake is Western Wind, which arrives from Yverdon-les-Bains with a force 4-5. In winter the force 10 is not uncommon.

The wind “Bise” blows to the basin of Yverdon, with force 3-4 but it can become much stronger.

The Hubert is a warm breeze that blows from the South to the North and it can create waves of 10 centimeters.

Bol d’Or Henri Lloyd is one of the most important regattas of the Sailing Federation Of Jura Lakes (F.V.L.J.). Every spring more than 100 sailors come together and compete against each other.

Most visited ports around Lake Neuchatel


Port d’Auvernier


Situated in a charming place, surrounded by the beauties of nature Port d’Auvernier is a beloved place by visitors. Take a walk to Auvernier to check out local wines and enjoy the fine cuisine that the restaurants have to provide.

Port d’Yvonand


A large port with good infrastructure and two beaches nearby. Restaurants, shops in the town 1 km from the harbour.

Port de Gletterens


A new, modern port in the surrounded by the beauty of nature. From May until the end of October you can visit the Village Lacustre and experience the way people lived in the prehistoric times.

The surroundings

On the southern lakeside of Neuchatel there are large marshlands but on the northern side there are endless vineyards where we can taste the finest Swiss wines. Moreover, the lake region is the home of the popular wine festival, called Grape Harvest Festival. Each year the community of Lake Neuchatel harvest the grapes and celebrate it with a huge one-week festival. During the festival the streets are closed, tons of costumed groups are marching on the streets and make an enormous party.

Top things to do around Lake Neuchatel

  1. When you are spending your holidays or freetime on the lakeside of Neuchatel you should definetly visit Creux de Van. It is a natural rocky cirque located in the heart of the nature in a reservation area. Creux de Van was created by natural erosion of the local glacier.
  2. Of course sailing is the coolest outside activity on the Lake Neuchatel, but travelling with Chaumont Panoramic Funicular Railway could be almost as fun. While you travelling with this brightly coloured red and blue panoramic train around the Lake Neuchatel anyone could be amazed by the view of the Three-Lakes.
  3. When you need to stay in one place for a few hours, Casino Neuchatel is highly recommened. Before or after your sailing trip you should visit this amazing nightlife spot.

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